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Hi There,


Do any of your gentlemen have any suggestions in relation to the products which are "available" on the market.


I see that Black Dragon Forge imports pre-built machines from Ireland by the looks of things.


Do you gentlemen use gas? Have you built your own forges..?


Any feedback would be appreciated.


I am unfortunately a beginner!




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Welcome aboard Alex, glad to have you. If you put your general location in the header you'll be surprised how many IFI folk live within visiting distance.


There are many sections to the Iforge forum including, forges, gas and solid fuel plus however many subsections. Probably anything you need or want to know has been discussed in detail already. Pull up a comfy chair, pack lunch and bring something to drink, there are a lot of hours of reading available.


Some of us make our own forges, some buy forges, some just wish for forges, every body has their own take and is represented.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Hi there Alex, welcome to the site, please give us an idea of what you wish to get into and I could possibly be of assistance!


As Frosty mentioned you should give your general location ie. Warefokisjypal just west of wonderboom ect.

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  • 4 years later...

Hello and welcome.

My take on Smithing is to do what the Smiths of old did.Build everything I possibly can.That way I develop a lot of skills and also get to clearly understand the workings of my stuff.Forges are dead easy to  and really cost next to nothing if you DIY build them.This goes for both gas and coal.I have built and used both . I have also built a smelting furnace and have successfully cast bronze and aluminium with it.My coal forge is still my favourite as I can control the fire much better than with gas and also get a much hotter flame to forge Damascus.

With costs being what they are forging has become pretty costly so its DIY all the way.Anybody who would like to know more or needs help is more than welcome to contact me at 0824902620....

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Well the previous post was about 4 years previous...

BTW are you smelting metal from ore in your furnace or melting metal for casting?  VERY different processes!

Also most of the top pros are forge welding their billets in propane forges; a friend of mine gets flow around the USA to demonstrate making mosaic damascus and he uses a propane forge exclusively.  I've melted steel in my propane forge accidentally---how much hotter do you need to be than that?

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