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I found this book by searching for "Blacksmithing PDF" on my phone.  It automatically downloads for free by clicking the link:


Title: Blacksmith's Manual Illustrated, A Practical Treatise on Modern Methods of Production for Blacksmith's, Apprentice Blacksmiths, Engineers and Others


Author: J. W. Lillico, Practical Blacksmith and Ex-Foreman ( Scottswood Works of Sir W. G. Armstrong Whitworth & Co., LTD)


ISBN 1 869964 21 7   220 pages, over 650 illustrations


Coptyright 1960, first published 1930, then 1944 1949, 1960, 1970, 1978, 1991


I really enjoy this book. it is a wealth of information to help me get started in Blacksmithing.  I can read it on my phone with Office or Kindle, and on my computer with Adobe, and the pages can be printed for reference in the shop.  A great find for free! 

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BMI is one that I've actually taken the trouble to print out and put in a binder (same with the COSIRA books). Some things are better in hard copy.

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