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A New Smith in South California

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Hello all, and thank you for giving this a read.
I am a brand new smith starting off near Temecula California. Wondering if there are any local smiths in the area or a relatively short drive away.
So far I have basically nothing but the will to start.
I found a post vise on eBay that I picked up for $101.00
I have no anvil or forge yet but I'm still actively looking. (My search started 2 days ago)

As far as things I'd be interested in making... Well I'm willing to learn it all, and believe me, I won't be giving up anytime soon.

I'm currently working on cleaning up a claw hammer/axe. I grinded the surface down and am now hand sanding it to get rid of all the grinding marks and clean up a bit more. (Already several hours in with only one axe face MOSTLY clean of grinder marks)

But I would love to hear from you guys.
Thanks for giving this a read!

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roughly 25 miles to get to the steam and gas museum(home of the blacksmithing school), id jump on that in a heartbeat!  I believe they run exclusively coal forges, which is quite the experience :) their staff are friendly and knowledgeable as well.


welcome aboard!  hope to run into you some time in the future :)

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I took beginning basic blacksmithing classes at the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum in Vista. Check online at agsem.com.


Yes, they run their forges on coal, great instructors, and tiered continuous education. CBA Just held their Spring Conference there.


They also have a working Wheelwright shop and a steam powered overhead drive machine shop display, all in the same building.


Caution, if you show up for the Spring Tractor Show in June, you could end up with a serious coke (as in coal) habit.


Robert Taylor

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I'll probably end up doing the same thing once i get the home forge mostly together.

For whatever reason i rather enjoy the idea of running a coal forge! Sure gas is easier to gauge temperature and cleaner and yada yada, but coal just seems more earthy and real ya know? So i think before even starting.. that habit might just be beginning to settle in ;) 

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