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I Bought A Whats-It

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So I scored a whats-it at the local antique market and I'd love to know what I got! It's in pretty decent shape, the pictures make the face look a little rough but it's not that bad in person.  Payed $250 for it and I think I did pretty good.


What do you guys think? Can anyone tell me anything about it?





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I have one of these (don't own it; just hanging on to it for someone).  I also saw one come up for sale locally a while back, so I was starting to think they might be an Ontario thing.  I see you're also from these parts... a pattern emerges.  Mine appears to be hardened cast steel.  It strikes me as odd that the maker would obscure its own logo with the casting sprues/vents, so I wondered if someone might have used an old TFS anvil to make patterns for casting and not paid attention to the logo.  It also seems strange that these would be sold with the horn flat, considering they seem like pretty good anvils otherwise.  That's a lot of grinding for the end user.



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Most of the yunques I've seen used a PW as the "pattern" and were not dressed well---often the mold line is still visible diwn the face and horn and the pritchel hole isn't present.


Some of them were decent alloy some of them were not---they poured whatwver they had left at the end of the day in the ladle. *NONE* of them were heat treated.


I've been expecting some to start showing up having been "re-worked" to appear as originals and pass with people who don't realize that PW were never cast and the fresh drilled pritchel hole would be a give away

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