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Is there a forum category or sticky for good blacksmithing videos?

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I've  been all over youtube watching videos trying to learn as much as I can since im a beginner.


So, I was wondering if this forum had a category or sticky just for videos?


I was hoping there was a category for member videos or video tutorials.


It would make it much easier to sift thru all of the junk on youtube 


Thanks so Much.


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Youtube is both good and bad when it comes to learning. Good that you can watch some very talented blacksmiths at work and bad as many videos have both incorrect information and bad technique. 


Look for videos by Mark Aspery , Brian Brazeal etc. 

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Yeah, sifting the nonsense from the good info is just part of the learning curve Matt. No matter where you go you'll find folk posting who's only knowledge is what they learn playing RPGs or imagining whatever. WE get plenty of that here. I'm afraid there aren't any real shortcuts, especially if you're teaching yourself. I've been there, I'm largely self taught at least till the internet went public and I started hooking up with folk who walked the walk.


I'm afraid it's going to be harder to filter videos but there are some real master teachers who post videos here, a couple names have been mentioned. If you can hook up with the local organization you can find them on Iforge's opening page, scroll to the bottom and do some shopping. Every hour with an experienced blacksmith is worth days, weeks and longer trying to teach yourself. It'll also put you in touch with tools, equipment, materials and the occasional BBQ for helping someone raise a shed, barn or install something heavy. Belonging to a club puts you in touch with help when YOU need it too. It's a good thing.


Frosty The Lucky.

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