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Wilkinson Anvil

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Hello folks!!!!
Looking for some info on a "Wilkinson Patent Anvil" It is 159# looks to be in good shape
Any info or advice on its quality / durability of this make, etc? Maybe some history?
And a Wells foot operated vise? what is it worth and what are its strong points and uses?
Thanks in advance

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I picked up a Wells Bros vise a while back for $25.00 and resold it for $150.00 still well below the outrageous prices I have seen them bring on ebay. Wells_Bros_Vise_4.jpg

I also have a Wilkinson Anvil but not Wilkinson Patent. Mine just has Wilkinson Queen's Dudley on the side. It's a fine piece of equipment made in the older style of multiple pieces forged together for the body,and the face plate welded on, unlike the PW anvils that were made in two pieces (base and body ) with the tool steel face plate welded on. If my memory serves me rightly.


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Mine says Wilkinsons, over crossed ovals, and Queens Dudley under the ovals. From what Ive found online there were five makers using the same name over time. Mine must be before the country of origin was required for import. The other possibility is mine came in through Canada where Wilkinson anvils were more popular. Try this link for more information:
The ABANA Forums: Wilkinson Anvil

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