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Small belt sheath knife


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Today I finished a small belt sheath knife. The other belt sheath knives that I have are too big and awkward to wear during normal daily activities like shopping, driving, and sitting. So my motivation was to see if I could make a knife/sheath combination that is comfortable. At SOFA I had seen a lady wearing a similar belt knife that tucked under the belt and looked relatively comfortable. I am thinking that I'll end up making a new sheath that places the knife outside the belt. 


The knife is made from an old industrial band saw blade that is 1/16" thick. The handle slabs are walnut with 10 gauge copper wire pins. The open pin is 1/4" copper pipe that I reduced to 3/16" I.D.




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I have never tried a horizontal sheath in the back for a knife. Can you sit in a chair or drive a car with that knife and sheath in place? Can you post a picture of your favorite horizontal sheath?


An inside waist band sheath for this knife is an interesting option. 

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Have to scroung one up, as a budy talked me out of it. But yes as it rides in the small of your back it generally stays out if the way, something about two hands long works well.
I ride horse back, and drive the truck just fine. But remember, in some places just pulling out your shirt tail or puting on a jaket can constitute a concealed weapon.
When I was young and not so woried about being a law abiding citesen, I whore a shoulder rig with a pair of Applegate/Fairborn

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got a smile as I considered "longer blades" as they get quite long at times, I'd love to see Charles wearing a claymore sideways in back...


I sheath as they will be used: cross draw, straightdraw, did a few wrist sheathes...when I was lacking in feck I used to carry a nato model BCK using an ace bandage to hold it on the forearm when travelling in "iffy" places.  Now I tend to avoid such travel and such hassels


Tom Maringer had a neat clamshell kydex shoulder rig for his vorpal knives.

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