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I Forge Iron

Rustic bowie

Geoff Keyes

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First of 3 (I hope) for Eugene, a mono-steel rustic bowie.   It's got a hammer forged NS guard and butt cap with a stag handle.  Everything has been hammer textured or acid washed.


OL 14 1/4"

BL 9"

Handle Stag

Guard forged NS

Spacer copper and NS

Butt cap textured NS

Cap nut turned mild steel

Blade steel 1084


It's interesting, if I don't think about it, this 9-10 inch blade is my default size.  It just seems to fit my eye when I'm forging.  If I want bigger or smaller, I have to force myself to think about it.

Thanks for looking
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Yes I did!  It started as a chunk  3/4 x 1/2 x 4.  I took a heat to anneal it and then hammered until it started to stiffen up, took another heat, and so on.  It takes a while.  I was going to polish it out, but I liked the look of the butt cap and so in the end, I left it.



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