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Arctic Fire "Artifacts from the Present"


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I am posting this as it has a general interest, if the Mods deem its inappropriate then fine but please read through the post below which explains the format of the ArcTic Fire download (ie that it can be downloaded for free if people do not want to or are unable to pay for it.................
I was lucky enough last May to be involved in a project with in Alaska where a bunch of amazing sword smiths got together to forge an Artefact Blade.
Owen Bush
Petr Fioiranek
Peter Johnsson
J.Arthur Loose
Michael Pikula
Jake Powning
Dave stephens
 It was an amazing week, exhausting and satisfying and full of great company, the making was all filmed and streamed live it has now been edited into a downloadable 1.5 hour film. I have just watched the download and am very proud of what we accomplished  , full of hard work , success and failure and Fun. Edited and Directed by Van Clifton.
I will let the words Of Dave Stephens explain the format Better:-
 "We've decided to "sell" the video on a pay-what-you-can or pay-what-you-believe-it’s-worth model. In othe words, there is no encryption, DRM, etc. on this file.  It can be copied, burned, shared, pirated, etc. with ease. We're going on the honor system here gents.
So, pay nothing or a fortune as your opinion and financial circumstances dictate.  We hope you enjoy the video one way or the other.  All procedes split evenly between the participants in the event.
Remember, no one has completely answered the riddle yet: “What is the name of the blade, and where is it hidden?”  All we need is a name and a town name for someone to claim the blade.  There are a Ton of new clues in the video, and we will be releasing a new one each week on the website, the facebook page, and on the individual smith’s social media outlets until someone guesses correctly.
Here's a clue just for the forum (although Google will pick this up quickly, so get on it!):  The live broadcast and the artifact mostly have clues about the name of the blade.  So the new clues must be about . . .
I'd love it if a bladesmith won this thing.  But we announced this on Twitter, facebook, etc. so you guys should hurry. 
Send answers to: ArcticFire2013@gmail.com
Here's the link.  Enjoy!
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I couldn't get past the introduction. I'm thinking Facegook and Youboob are really poor choices for intelligent communications. While I love Rick Furrer's Viking sword video I've seen it several times, have it bookmarked in two venues but that's all I found on the Arctic fire site blade related.
After watching one bit (and I mean bit as in itty bit) all that was available on the site were various unrelated YouBoob videos: Mario Bros, fashion, home design, etc. etc.


Sorry for the rant, I've already submitted my "comments" to them, seeing as I kept getting the opening page, sat through the intro over and over without getting to watch them make any thing. I was required to submit my contact info and comment so I DID.


Frosty The Lucky.

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