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Congradulations Frosty

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I don't know if it has been mentioned yet or not but I didn't see it anywhere and thought it was worth a congradulations to Frosty for getting an article "Building a Simple Gas Forge Burner" published in vol 15 # 3 of the Hammer's Blow magazine from ABANA
Maybe I'm a little late? but I just read it tonight and saw he won a pair of tong's for the article.
So congrat's Frosty!


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Thanks but you should be thaning Brian Gilbert. He's the one who spurred me into cleaning it up enough to print, spend a lot of time helping as well. He also provided the process pics and references so you can compare.

I've been sending versions of it for years, finally saving a copy and cutting and pasting with revisions as needed. It must've finally gotten close enough to okay for Brian to try to save it. Well, sending it to a newsletter editor's list we both belong to might have had something to do with it. :rolleyes:

The tongs were a real pleasant surprise, Brian had already sent me a copy of the pattern issue of the Blow which was more than I expected. Finding the tongs at the P.O. was a day maker for sure. heck, it was a week maker at least. :)

Tunnel Mill was a good time, the first real hammer in I'd ever been to. AK is pretty isolated. I remember meeting lots of people but I don't remember a Skunkriv in the house and your Avatar pic is too small for me to recognize.

I hope to get back for sure. Deb and I plan on doing some traveling but it'll be a bit yet.


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Frosty - what's that supposed to be above? - a picture of you asleep at the wheel? I know better.


Hey Ralph!

Good to see you posting here.

It's a picture of two goats, one baby, one old.

I fell asleep playing with baby goats once and woke up at the bottom of a pile of sleeping goats and one great pyreneese mountain dog. Fortunately I woke up and got out before Deb saw me or there'd be pics all over the web. :o



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Got a picture of the tongs?


Sorry it took so long but here are a couple pics of the tongs I got for my article in the Hammer's Blow. They're 3/4" flat bar tongs.

I'll be showing them off at the Association of Alaskan Blacksmiths meeting this saturday. Anybody in the neighborhood is welcome to stop in and . . . touch them. :rolleyes:

Seriously, I was honored to be asked for the article in the first place, getting these fine tongs was a step above and beyond.

They were hand forged by Phill Rosche and donated to ABANA to give folk contributing articles to the Blow.




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