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Hello All, re-bar's revenge.


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Hello All,

       New to this site and still moderately green in general. I have done a !SMALL! amount of forge welding and I have a question, or a try it and let me know/ill post pics eventually.

So I am planning on making a Serpent sword viking style and I was wondering if I took a curved re-bar in between a few layers of varying steel plates Would I get the snake patter?

Just curious, I know the issues of re-bar, everything from shattering to en even quality. but I think I got some good stuff for free which is allllllways nice. Thanks!

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Wow; I plan to drive almost1500 miles each direction just to attend the Quad-State conference  and a world class school in the same state is "A bit far south"...   You may never be this close again.

Wow; all depends on my boss (wifey) lol. I didnt notice, did they say it was free?

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