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I am Volunteer at a minature village and they have a lathe but it really needs to TLC i need some help, and maybe some advice


First of all, where can you get training for Lathes in the UK and the second is the Lathe at the village is heavily seized up any clue how i could fix it with the guys there without costing me and the village tons of money?


and if you could suggest trainings the UK near yorkshire it would be Great


thank you



Have a Nice day and i will link picture soon maybe not this saturday but next saturday.

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 For training I would look for Machinists Unions or Trade schools there are alot of machinist websites out there as well you can ask on, I am in trade school to be one right now and spend much of my time doing manual work. As far as whats wrong with the lathe you do have I dont know, seized up could be many things...

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Around here some high schools still have machining programs and may offer night classes. I took one a few years back at the last school in our area to still offer them. The class was oriented mostly towards hobbyists vs guys looking to make a career of this. Sad they no longer do full time machining programs around here.

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Welcome to the site, whereabouts in Yorkshire arte you talking about, Harrison lathes were made in Heckmondwike, Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Leeds, Halifax, all were major engineering centres, most cities and some villages have engineers scattered about, so there should be plenty of advice available locally.


What make of lathe is it? Motor or belt driven? length of bed  (chuck to tailstock)?, swing or height of centre of chuck to bed ? Gap bed or solid?


All are questions which would make it easier to help free the machine up back to good working order,


As for learning how to use a lathe, it isn't that difficult, you should be able to get night school classes locally if you are in the right age bracket, otherwise ask around and see if anyone locally can help, I would, but don't get up to Yorkshire very often. 

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