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Hello Im Toby


Hello i am Toby, i am creative person with an interest in history and work with my hands,

and i am 16 Years and wanting to start off in Blacksmithing as a practical hobbie/ Job


I am in my Final year of school only a few months left before i do my exams and leave, i am huge history fan i am planning, not only to get into this in my spare time but to also do second world war National fire service and auxiliary fire service re-enactment (All one re-enactment group) because i am going to a Agricultural/Specialised college i cannot continue to study history in that form, i am love learning about the story not only on the front line but the home front aswell,  i am planning to go visit Alec Steele eventually and IronDwarf and hopefully they will give me some help along the path and possibly i might see if there is a local blacksmith near me and see if after college i could start and apprenticeship , because learning is never a bad thing.


On the line of the Fire service eventually i want to train to become a Retained firefighter (Volunteer) Basically i just want to give the community as much as possible, i am kind and honest person at heart except when people make me angry of course ahahaha :)


And the hardest thing with all this ambition , i have Autism and ADHD so it one step at a time, gaining trust and learning is important to me, as my favourite quote 'We make a living by what we get , but we make a life by what we give' Winston Churchill,


I am also planning to start build a workshop to start me off any suggestments on what i should do first and just say Hello i am sure that i will say Hi and reply back


Anyway i am sure you can tell two things first my grama is xxxx and second i TALK alot but thats not a bad thing at times, i make friends in the oddest of places at times


Anyway Thanks this seems like a good community even thought we live thousands of miles away from each other in some cases or some right nearby. Ahaha :) Have a Wonderful Day!!!

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good luck to you toby! what a frendly energised intro post -  i dont reckon you need any special advice - just give it a go, and get yourself next to as many people as you can, who can show you some stuff :) you can collect up bits of tools as you go - you dont need to spend much. as for the adhd and autism, you will meet your own personal difficulties like we all do, but i have some very close friends who have the autistic way of looking at the world - and they are some of the most broad minded interesting determined and open people i have met. and yes, i too make friends in the oddest of places :) go for it toby!!! :)

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I dont know about Autism and ADHD or how that will affect you learning.

some people I have met who want to learn just need a starting point to learn a few very basic things and then read things here or go to you tube and ask people here without ever taking much in the way of normal instruction, others need more instruction, some do several years at college.

im no expert but I help where I can

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