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Laws of Blacksmithing

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What are the Laws of Blacksmithing? 



Anvils When you have cash in your pocket there is not an anvil within 1000 miles, but with no cash in your pocket, you can not walk without stumbling over anvils for sale at give away prices. 


Anvils After you purchase your first anvil, a bigger and better anvil will become available at a better price than you just paid for yours.


Tongs No matter how many pairs of tongs you have, none will fit the piece of metal you are about to work on.


Forge You learned how to blacksmith using a hole in the ground. You looked for years to find a forge and finally built your own forge from scrap steel. The neighbors wife will be given a behemoth rail road forge, put it out in their front yard, fill it with dirt, plants flowers in the thing.


Vise You go to the blacksmith conference and the fellow finds a 8 inch post vise in great condition for $50 at the location you just left. And it has the vise spring attached.


Anvils If you go to the blacksmithing conference you will never see an anvil. Thomas Powers goes to the same conference, waits until the conference is over, and purchase half a dozen anvils for less than $1 a pound.


Gas The larger the project and the closer the deadline the more likely you will run out of gas on a Sunday or holiday weekend when everything is closed.

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You are all set up to to to a conference, hammer-in or gathering, and something else pops up on the calendar that you can't get out of, or delays you from getting there on time.



McPherson's Maxim: "A journey of a thousand miles......... starts with a nail in a tire."

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#1 could never be more true!  I had $ saved and ready for a golden opportunity, then my transmission went out.  The day after paying for the rebuild it starts raining anvils & post vises on CL at prices low enough I could've bought them and had them sold for profit all in the same day!

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The tongs, hammer, or tool you need and just put down has vanished and will not show up until you are done with what you needed it for.

Oh I hate that.

Expect a distraction and/or crisis to appear when a piece of steel is within moments of being at welding temp.
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You only turn the finial scroll on a hook backwards at demos, same for countersinking punched holes.
Frosty The Lucky.

Absolutely right. I've done both of those. That's when you explain that when working steel small mistakes are usually reversible and proceed to correct same.
Anyway, blacksmiths never make mistakes; we make progressive design modifications.
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Greetings All,


Here comes the big one....  When doing a demo always keep a completed project in the slack tub...  IF YOUR DEMO DOES NOT GO RIGHT.. and it happens all the time... Just pretend you are doing the final cool down in the tub and take out the good one...  OLD TRICK..  Most never know..


Forge on and make beautiful things


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