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Coloured patina supplier in the UK


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Hello there,


does anyone know of a decent coloured patinas for steel supplier in the UK..

quick search of google doesn't appear to find anything obvious..

Easy as to what type, chemical based or water based stains or whatever..


Nice one!



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A patina is created when the surface of a metal reacts with an atmosphere, like copper or bronze statues weathering.  We speed this up using various acids. for our projects  so since one does not purchase patina,  That may be why  you cant find them for sale.  You have not been looking for the correcct item.   Have yoiu tried read thing through this section of the forum ?

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Guilders paste is the kind of thing I'm thinking yep.. I get that real patinas are the product of the metal surface reacting with either the atmosphere or applied chemicals, however you can buy (in the US at least) chemicals/paints that mimic patinas and come in a variety of colours, and are called colored patinas (although they may in fact be more like dyes) was just looking for a UK supplier..

E.g. http://www.sculptnouveau.com/Results.cfm?category=6

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