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That gadget comes in handy for some operations, but isn't a "must have" type of tool.  The idea is similar to a striking anvil, but, in my opinion, not as versatile because you don't have any surrounding table.  It does take the stress off the heel of the anvil if you're striking hard with a sledge, or it can be seen as a replacement for a hardy if you are using an anvil that doesn't have one.


Basically, it a home-made swage block, but instead of a solid chunk of iron with a bunch of holes that you'll never use, this uses replaceable custom-built plates that fit exactly how you want/need.  


Not a bad tool to have, but certainly not necessary for 90% of smiths.  If you're making a lot of hammers, axes and top tools, sure.  If you're not.....

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I make some hammers and (I have seen this post before) this looks like a great tool to me. Some of my drifts are larger than my hardy hole and can get stuck if I am not careful. With this tool you simply use a large enough hole plate and can drive the drift all the way through, with the help of  a smaller diameter drift, and it falls out the bottom. Sure there are other ways to do it but this seems pretty simple, easy and cheap to me.

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