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I Forge Iron

My biggest project I've ever finished

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Nice work Congrats. I myself am in a very ambitious and complex project with grids of slits, drifts,  mortices and tenons in a maze right now. Progress is slow and daunting, but you're  right precision along the way is everything.  

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Greetings Karn,


Great finish to a complicated job...  If only the customers took into consideration what it take to make our art...  Most only see the completed product and can not imagine what it takes to get the job done...  Great use of the tools at hand.   I'll bet your are saying to yourself as we all do .... " Did I charge the customer enough it sure was a lot of work "   Keep up the great work


Forge on and make beautiful things


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Man, that turned out nice! Better than I was expecting for a first major project. There is a lot to be said for just staying with it :)

I like it and would be proud to have my makers' mark on it.

One quote I carry around in my head is:

People don't fail- they give up.

You did well- didn't do either.


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Beautiful finish to an ambitious project. Well done sir! Thanks for sharing, it's a very nice online process piece. I'll bet it'd make a good article for your local smithing club. No?


What next? I'll be waiting with bated breath.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks for all the kind words! It means a lot coming from fellow smiths. Time to answer some questions.



That is some fine work.  Amazing that you could heat and do the tenons in the way you did.  Maybe an O/A setup is in your future.  Sure would save a lot of lifting.


I definitely need to get an O/A setup, it's at the top of my 'Things to buy' list. A list which is getting distressingly long :P.



Nicely done! Would love to know if you feel what was paid for it was worth the time spent doing it? I know that personal satisfaction is payment of sorts but three weeks is a lot of work!


I'm pretty satisfied with payment I got for the piece. I could have done it quicker I think, but I was taking everything nice and slow because I was straying into completely unfamiliar territory and didn't want to make any mistakes.


Nice job. Thanks for sharing the tenon mess up. You're human, we're human, and we all make mistakes. Overcoming them is the key and you surely did!

Beautiful piece to be proud of for sure.



Strong work there Karn, really nice. I thought only dyslexic left handers like myself put things together sdrawkcab though!



Still can't believe I did that! There was much swearing that day. It actually ended up being easier to fix than I thought it would be.

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Excellent job, and thanks for posting the process pics and the mistake and its fix. Not on the same scale, but I made my first Calla Lilly this weekend, and ended up snapping it off where I tapered down the stem, so time to try welding on a new stem from 1/4" stock. Mistakes are just oportunities for learning and in process design changes : ) . 

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