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Tools for the Solo Smith

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I respectfully disagree with the magnitude of this claim. Not only will my striker alter his impact angle at need, but he will fetch a beer when asked.

At least you respectfully disagree. Clearly things are improving. My long retired striker often wistfully commented "I could be replaced by a jackstand".


No other single tool besides my powerhammer increased my versatility as much as my flypress. 

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Talking about vicegrips modified as hold downs... I started with one of these, the ground off enough threads to just fit in my pritchel...not amazing but useful.

With a longer threaded rod you could drop it through the hardy and screw it down tight

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"A simple hold down is an old motorcycle chain. One end fastened to your anvil base, the other end has a foothold. The tensioner is your foot, the adjustability is where and which link you hook onto the pin at the base. No Harley owners close by, Bicycle chain will work." Anyone have pictures of this set up?

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Did you do a site search for *anvil hold down* ? Did any of the 20 links help?

It takes only 3 words anvil - hold - down to be typed into the search string and then click go.


Did the thread titles Anvil hold down tools help?

Did >link #8 helo?

Did> link #9 help?


I found the images I wanted by using the above method. I also found a whole lot of other information that you could use.



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