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Multi work holding fixture

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Hi everyone ,

Recently I had a customer approach me about building a work holding
fixture that would suit and accommodate the various types of work he
does. Thought this might be of interest to some and wanted to share a
few pics.

The first request was to have a fixture that would function as an
engravers vise/block. Second request was to have a way to secure knife
blanks of various thickness in multiple positions.Third request ,a fixture
to accept hardy shank tooling ranging in size from 3/4" to 1 1/4".
Fourth request ,to be able to hold round stock for a band saw or a
drill press.The last request was to have an integral turning tool.
The fixture has a large enough foot print and weight to be plenty
stable on a work bench but can be just as easily mounted in a vise to
have multiple working axis.

Enjoy the pics !


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Greetings Vipermac.


Beautiful work..  It looks to me like that would be the go to tool for those tough holding problems....  I also love my flypress tool holders...  Keep the great inventions coming.. 


Forge on and make beautiful things


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Hello, Vapermac, Splendid Fixture, and your happy customers are the Last Word for the quality of your work.


After running through your images for the tenth time, I visualized dropping soft bushings (acetal, nylon, leather, etc.) over selected index pins to cushion delicate contact points or to index against asymmetric features. Very Flexible! 


When you say 'integral turning tool', do you mean as holder for turning tools, or (my guess) as a work holding fixture on a face plate or in a four jaw chuck?


Or do I just need another cup of coffee??


Robert Taylor

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Thanks for the compliments everybody !

John......officially "the omniholder". Hmmm......could be useful for tig welding
those really intricate parts.

Derek and Jim......thanks for the feedback on the fly press tool holders ,glad to
hear they are serving your needs.I have a few ideas I need to
run by ya'll.

Frank.....I think his requests were met. Lol !

Dodge...."hold odd shapes" I went through the shop trying to find
the strangest shapes I have just to test it out.

Eddie.....I've already thought of 100 more uses for it, might have to build
one for myself.

Thomas...it does have some serious clamping strength.

Robert Taylor...I agree with the bushings over a few of the pins and suggested
It. The integral turning tool ,second to last pic,two one inch
pins that bolt directly to the fixture and held in a vise to become
a turning tool.

Rob.....thanks..and where have you been lately ?

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Thomas....brass pins would work quite well ,maybe on the next one I'll put together
a "pin package" using yours and Roberts suggestions.

SJS......yes bending jig. As far as using it in a lathe ,I would chuck in a four jaw
and not hesitate.
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