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question for the VA smiths, 150-200 pound anvil WTB

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Craigs List, Ebay, word of mouth.  Tell everyone you know what you are looking for.  Get in touch with the Blacksmithing Guilds in Va and let them know what you are looking for.  Have cash ready to buy any time.  Anvils are out there.  Just be willing to travel and spend some money.  You will never loose any value if you buy a decent anvil and take good care of it.  Think of it as a long term lease that has a great residual value.

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In general if you want to pay less for an anvil you need to find the ones that are not for sale.  If someone is actively trying to sell an anvil they want money for it and so will often try to price it in the upper ranges.  If you find anvils that people are not trying to sell; they may be happy with anything they get.  This is why you need to talk to *everyone*!  There are tons of anvils out there hidden away in a shed, basement or garage, (seldom attics for some odd reason...) that the owners would be happy to have someone offer money for. 


If asked to name a price I generally start at US$1 a pound as that was the "standard price" for *decades*; then I move up as necessary; my top price nowadays would probably be around $2 a pound for a truly great anvil in great condition.  Yes a lot of anvils go for more than that; more power to them.  I find enough to suit myself at the price I'm willing to pay---helps to have anviled up in Ohio that happy hunting grounds of smithing stuff!  If they are firm on the price I sometimes ask about other smithing tools as boot.  They can lower the price by quite a bit...


And I do mean *EVERYONE* ; turns out that  that lady in her 80's at church had a blacksmith as her father (unfortunately his anvil was stolen...)  Someone in line at the grocery store might have the lead to the anvil of your dreams.  I was a shy introvert till I got into smithing and now I'll strike up conversations with complete strangers...Sure you can stick with anvils for sale; but be prepared to pay extra for that (and miss the chance to meet some truly unique folks!)

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