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Little how to do the worm video. Corkscrews


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You can actually see it got quite a ways up in his cheek. He is very lucky it didn't catch him in the neck. I have a scar on my chest from a 9" angle grinder that grabbed while cutting off pipe plug tops. You have absolutely no time to react fast enough to stop it.

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Good video. Uri Hofi was in my shop a few years ago and made an extra long shanked corkscrew. One of his teachers, Alfred Habermann, used to do the same thing for demos. As I recall, Hofi made the entire worm on the anvil with only hammer and heat. He didn't use any sort of mandrel.


I haven't tried it.



 He did a photo demo showing the corkscrew on here.


I believe this is what you were shown.


Brian Pierson

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Yeah I learned the hard way with grinders too. I was cutting grooves into a rack holder i was making for work and the thing grabbed, launched, hit my face shield and put a nice groove in that, hit my chest, and tore through coveralls, shirt, and skin. Burned for 3 days and itched for a week. And mine still had the cover on it, just came back on me wrong.

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