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My brother asked for a fire grate to replace his rusted out one. The replaced grate was dinky 3/8" round bar bent and welded. It probably lasted him 4 years. Were in GA so very few fires in the winter, more of a decoration. I forged him a new one pretty quick today. I used a bit larger bar stock but it's still light. This piece was no fooling no fussing just forging. I spent less than 10 minets filing joints. This will be viewed behind a mesh screen. I did not bother with any coating as it will soot up in the fire quickly.
24" wide 12" deep




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I'm glad you like it. I just wanted to share a little bit of lightly decorated utilitarian forge work. It was good practice for just pushing out the work. I took very few mesurements and did no clean up work. The tenons were forged in the power hammer flat dies. The shoulders were wonky and all the lengths were a bit different. I am happy with it as a simple fast pieces that will be somewhat shrouded in use

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I like it, nice clean utilitarian. I'm a form follows function guy, things designed for their looks before it's use is considered are all too often poor performers, where things designed to perform properly usually look good. That fire grate sir, looks like a winner to me.


Well done


Frosty The Lucky.

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