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Steel for what? Blades or Simple mild steel? newenglandblacksmiths.com has a list of anything you may need help finding in the New England area. There are steel suppliers in Concord NH and Manchester NH listed on the site. Check it out for a list of suppliers that should be somewhere nearby you.

-Crazy Ivan

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Depending on if you are doing this as a business or a hobby, doing large items or small you may want to check with places that use steel and may be willing to sell or give you their scrap or sell to you from their supplies.


In Columbus OH I used to visit a medium sized ornamental iron company that would give me their scrap back when they had to pay to haul it off.  Out here I buy steel from a windmill repair place.  Much cheaper than a big box store and they will gladly piggyback orders for me as the more they order the better price they get from *their* steel supplier---who is 100 miles away and does not like small orders.

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