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I Forge Iron

Hello from Eastern North Carolina

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Hello everyone,


 My name is Lee and I am new to Blacksmithing. I am currently building a forge in my shop behind my house. A current member, marksnagel sent me to the forum and he lives about 20 minutes from me.


Thanks for letting me join,



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Yes it is. I met him at a book store a few weeks ago selling some of his things and introduced myself. His exact words after I told him I was starting to get into smithing was " I am lighting up the forge at my house tomorrow if you want to come over." The next morning I was over his house heating and pounding steal. What an amazing way to show the love of the trade. That single experience has sling shot me into getting started.

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Welcome aboard Lee, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header we'll stop bugging you. While being a neighbor of Mark's is handy dandy it's not quite where you are. Then again, it's not a rule it just makes getting together with folk easier though I suppose Mark can or has filled you  in on that.


You a lucky dog!


Frosty The Lucky.

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