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Thank you for the new blueprints

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I love the new format for the blueprint page and I love this site i'm glad I found it. I'm a begining blacksmith and there's alot of good info here and I have found it extremly useful in my endeavors I live in northwest Nebraska and it's almost 2 hrs to get anywhere so it's hard to get with other smiths and learn and this sight along with 2 others and some books have helped me immensly thanks gentlesmiths everywhere for your ideas and thoughts and thank you administrators for this sight

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BRUCE/BUCK--A bright young lad just moved back up there. CLARK WHITE had been going to school at Panhandle State in Goodwell Okla.

He has been in TERRY ALWARD'S spur, bit, and buckle shop for two or three years.

He could help you with quite abit of the stuff you are interested in.

I am not sure which town he moved to. Alliance or Hyanis(sp), Lakeside. He would not be that hard to find up there. Ask six people and four would probably know him or his family.GRIN. Just ain't that many folks up there.grin

If You look him up--tell him hello.

Chuck Bennett --- The Dalhart Knifemaker

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