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Early, large FISHER anvils?

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This request for information got hijacked about current anvils out there, so I am re-posting it:


I am looking for any information about early, big FISHER anvils.  I am trying to establish when Fisher & Norris began producing their larger anvils.



From my inventory:


1850's: Largest is 150 lbs.


1860's: (Small round Eagle with the wheat)  Largest is about 180 lbs.


1870's:  Largest is 500 lb.  Also have a 400 lb.  This was the era of the Centennial Exhibition in 1876 where the Fisher display had many large anvils including the 1400 lb anvil.


So: Does anyone out there have or know of any FISHER anvils bigger than what I have listed from the early production time?  If my museum inventory is any indicator, they did not begin producing anvils of over 200 lbs until the early 1870's.  This was when Clark Fisher took over after his dad, Mark Fisher passed away.


Thank you for any information or photos of early Fisher anvils.

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The lack of responses to this queries is leading me to conclude my premise that Fisher did not produce anvils over 200 lbs until the 1870's.  Please, if anyone has a Fisher anvil with the round Eagle holding wheat that is over 200 lbs, please let me know.  Thanks.

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