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               After some time of deliberation, I have finally found the where-with-all to start assembling my forge. I have had great trepidation in embarking upon this venture; Partly from fear that I would fail miserably, and partly from logistical inablilty. All that withstanding, I am currently converting a charcoal grill into a portable forge, and in the process of aquiring the few bare essentials required to begin.        

               One aspect of my personal outlook on the craft, a general distaste for anything modern, has made it both easier and more difficult in getting arranged. While remaining true to the basics reduces costs, it also makes finiding certain critical tools more dificult. A prime example is the Pedal Grinder, I am very much trying to find. Once a staple of every farm in the country, it is now nearly impossible to locate. Also, I do not deny at all, that hand grinding the bevel on a chisel is infinately more difficult than taking a couple of minutes on a side grinder. It is however, more rewarding to my (perhaps masochistic) point of view.

               Regardless, I intend to be very active within the coummunity, and certainly intend to shamelessly pick the brains of all those who will allow it. I would greatly appreciate any responses, and hope to have a veritable network of like-minded individuals very soon.




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Try to connect with one or more of the following


Balcones Forge Central Texas
Four States Iron Munchers
Houston Area Blacksmith's Association
North Texas Blacksmiths Association - NTBA
Texas Artist Blacksmith Association


They will have all sorts of information on blacksmithing and can jump start your journey.


One aspect of my personal outlook on the craft, a general distaste for anything modern, has made it both easier and more difficult in getting arranged.


Blacksmith is both ancient and modern. The blacksmith will use what ever is available to make his life easier or to benefit his business. Most blacksmith shops today have power tools and a welder.  Many have power hammers, plasma, lasers, and etc. This is not saying you can not keep things simple but a piece of metal does not care if it was cut with a chisel, a hand saw, a power saw, or a plasma cutter. Your time and effort on the other hand does get involved.  If you have 1 cut to make no problem, but if you have 100 or 1000 cuts to make, it adds up fast. It is still your call.


Pack a lunch and a cold drink and start reading the site. Start with what interests you and go from there. You should be able to get both answers and ideas. If you have questions, just ask. Be sure and give us as much information as possible so we can give as good an answer as possible.  Welcome to the site.

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I can completely agree with your input, however as I my work will be limited, at least for the percievable future, to practical items and requests from friends and family, I don't believe I'll be making anything in such quantities as to necessitate that sort of assistance. My outlook on the craft is as both a personal passion, and a practical survival tool. The ability to create what you need from fire and scrap metal gives a certain self sufficiency that is very important to me. However, don't take this as an affront to those who incorporate the modern aspects. I have a respect for all those who forge iron, and for the moment they all most certainly know more than I.

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