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Mike Romo--First Knives

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So, I took a bit of a departure from forging and decided to make some knives for my engine company for Christmas.  It took me a bit longer than expected, but here are the finished products.


The video doesn't mention that I hardened and tempered, but I did.


Please share your critique.  I am always ready to learn.


PS:  They were intentionally worked only to 400 grit to preserve the nature of the rasps.  I wanted them a bit "rough".


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You are one multi-talented guy Mike. I'm not really a blade guy but can do the dance. They're very "post apocalyptic" and look like someone who knew what they were doing made them. I really like the micarta, very nice, terrific patterns. I think all round those knives tell a story loud and clear for anyone willing to hear it.


The only suggestion I can think of is to break the inside edges of the bolsters, those look like they might rub or even scrape fingers in hard use. Smooth is nice, your fingers will thank you.


Oh I almost forgot, your presentation is very professionally done. The narration in writing is so much more effective than someone talking. The visual will stick much longer than spoken words and the music is both dramatic and soothing.


Very well done all round.


Frosty The Lucky.

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