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Bending machine table

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The original use of this table was the side of a machine that was already cut into pieces at the scrapyard. I bought it because I wanted to strip all the pneumatics and other components of it.  The original plan was to sell it back as scrap and then I realized it would make a nice bending table. 


I had to make the legs, fortunately my steel supplier had some off-cuts, and then I mounted my two benders to it. It has a 10mm thick top, and there were enough drilled and tapped holes in all the right places so I didn't have to drill any holes into the table.


It is as solid as anything I could wish for and will make a very useful addition to my little workshop.


The color is because I had it.




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Greetings Jacques,


I love it when you can re-purpose equipment...  Judging by the dust on your bender it now can be put to work... LOL    I have several benders and such. You might consider attaching it to the floor. It will skid on the surface ..  I lock my systems to an acorn table ..   You have some nice space under for tool storage . and enough surface area to add other things..   Great find... 


Forge on and make beautiful things


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I think it is heavy enough not to move while bending. So far I've done 1/4" flat bar without a problem.


I don't really have a good place to put it, and I cannot anchor it to the floor in the position it is in now. And I need to be able to move around it.


It is now outside the workshop under a lean-to, and that is why it is dusty. The workshop is clean. (Coal dust is clean, isn't it?)

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