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I decided that I wanted a guillotine tool for candle cups, etc. I was going to just make a small one to use in the hardy hole, but decided a free-standing one would be beter and got kind of carried away :rolleyes:




The sides are a little high for the mild steel "starter" dies. I'm going to make taller dies out of leaf spring but I still may have to cut down the sides.

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make your upper die taller, or stick a block underneath the bottom die to shim it up from underneath (or both).  that way you don't lose the functionality of having a really deep throat for oddball shapes, sizes, tooling, etc.


big solid installation like that does seem to lend itself to a mechanical hammer too :)


beautiful tool!

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Thanks Guys! Chinobi, I am going to make taller dies -I did not think about a shim block on the bottom! i'll do that too, I won't cut it down.

The treadle hammer idea is great. I saw a pic posted by Dogsoldat in another section of a "treadle sledge-hammer" that I want to build just for fun, now I have a better reason.


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Greetings Chopper,


Now your cooking on the front burner...  I have several guillotine set ups ...  I will share a few thoughts with you....   Make a flat block for the bottom die ..  Use a radius die on the top...  Great for forming interesting forms on tapered flower tendrels and stems....  Just rotate and make the impression every 1/2 in or so..   With a wide die set up like yours you can make a set of stop blocks and use a flat upper die for making tenons.  I designed a set like this for The blacksmith Journal a few years ago ... Jerry sold out but I think they are still available... easy to make...  The list goes on and on...  Havin fun yet???


Forge on and make beautiful things



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Jim - I like the stop block idea, I will make some as soon as the weather warms up a little - my old bones don't like anything below freezing!

Frosty - not portable, but with the round pipe cap base it is easily movable like an oxy bottle.

John - I like working with metal for it's longevity & permanance so I tend to overbuild everything even though I'm getting old. Maybe my grandkids will take an interest, I know everything I build will outlast me!

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