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Big, (over 250 lb) early Fishers?

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I think this discussion got lost in another thread about Fisher anvils.  I was asked about my biggest, early Fisher anvils.  So I checked my museum inventory. 


1850's:  My largest Fisher is about 150 lbs.


1860's:  Largest is about 180 lbs.


1870's:  Largest is 500 lb, and have a 400 lb.   The Fisher display at Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia in 1876 displayed anvils up to about 560 lbs, along with the 1400 lb anvil.



I was wondering is anyone out there in IFI land has anything bigger in the 1850's and 1860's (round eagle) vintage.  I am trying to establish when Fisher began producing anvils over 200 lbs.  It appears to be some time in early 1870's, after Clark Fisher took over running the company.  Thanks for any information.

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there are is a 300 lb anvil and a 500 lb anvil on ebay they both appear to have the round  logo ? would they have dates on them ? Cliff 


That 500 now lives here.  I still have it on my truck, so I have not fully inspected it.  But I suspect it is a Crossley(1962-1979) made Fisher, with most of the original factory paint, and barely used.

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