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Pewter Inlay

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Yea HW, Not doing so was my first mistake. I was surprised  that the inlay popped right out, considering the rough interior of the carving.  I undercut and drilled 4 holes at an angle inside the cross. On my end caps I drilled right through the handle.  I didn't have any problems with charring on black walnut or hickory. JSB

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did some last fall on some knife handles.image_zps990e3eba.jpg

was surprised at how easy it was, masking tape, file folder cardboard, and pewter. got that at a second hand store. if it pewter, it will be marked, and if its newer, it will be marked lead free. as mentioned by HWoolridge, undercutting, drilling etc to lock it in is a must

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it is and thanks. easy enough to do. sometimes cap the handles on throwing hawks. keeps the head on longer. the solder works, as well as tin fishing weights, but both are considerably softer than pewter, which is soft enough. you can mark the fishing weights with your fingernail.

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