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Huge Pritchel Tool?

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I was buying some tools off this guy a few months back and I came across this. This was before I started getting into blacksmithing and metalworking, but I knew it could have been a hardie tool or something used by blacksmiths. It has a few numbers marked on it, check out the photos. You can see the size in comparison to the spray paint can in the background.






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Fyi......Two holes in most anvils,,but not all. One is a hardy hole,,all of them I have seen are square and the other smaller round hole is a pritchel hole...They each have different purposes,,,or not depending on how they are used.  A pritchel as I know it is a tool farriers use to create or clean out the bottom of a nail hole in a horseshoe. And when they do that it is over the pritchel hole.  Hardy tools are placed in the larger sq hole and used as,,mostly bottom dies.  like a hot cut etc.

I do not know wot your tool is in the pic..but if I had it I woul put it in the vise and use as a bottom die when forming a compound curve in metal...hot or cold as needed.....

In the last pic..it almost seems like a grease zerk....Which would make the large part turn on the small part...

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I dont get what you mean by a grease zerk? Its all one solid piece. I didnt think it belonged to an anvil because of the little knobs sticking out the sides, have no idea what those would be for... Does anyone else have any idea as to what this is or what it is used for? Or if indeed it is a tool used in a very large anvils pritchel hole??




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