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I Forge Iron

Didn't see an intro section... (pic heavy!)


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But hi! MY name is Cliff Womble, hailing from Iowa Park, TX. just got to actually making steel knives about 6 months ago after building my first forge and buying one of those anvil shaped objects from harbor freight. I'm told my work shows more knowledge than my experience. Could be that I've wanted a forge for probably 8 years and only recently had the space to build one, however i've been very studious in learning the ins and outs of steel in my spare time and watching videos of others making knives. 

Started off using mystery steel that hardened up pretty fairly and made some OK pieces.




And through practice refined my process a bit and got better at polishing. And controlling my heat a bit better to eliminate those "bubbly" patterns as much as I could.
For a while I thought leaving in forge marks was neat and called it a "calico" finish, lol, but that was just noobishness on my part.


Did a few L-6 blades from lawnmower blades. XXXX still enjoy doing those.


Experimented with different materials.


Got better at polishing and hammer finishes...





and eventually making pieces like this one, which is my most uniform polish yet.


And this one which is my largest. This and the previous are forged leaf spring, the big one has a walnut handle with false-pins on one side because I think I hardened the darn tang, but the tang design isn't going to let it out of that handle any time soon.


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Looks like a fun diversion you got going there. Keep up the progress and welcome to IFI. There actually is a an Intro section (General Discussion section titled Introduce Yourself) but due to the nature of your post (knives) it fits well here as well. While you mentioned your location in your op, if you fill out your profile with you location and you might be surprised to find the number of folks nearby with similar interests.



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Hidden by Steve Sells, January 17, 2014 - spam

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