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History of my anvil found?

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I bought my Trenton anvil last year from an anvil hunter in a town in Wisconsin called Little Chute. He had found it at a local estate sale where he was told that it used to be in a blacksmith shop a long time ago. I didn't think much of the story, but kept it in the back of my head.

This morning while browsing the Reddit blacksmith section, I came across this gallery of pictures,


which mentioned that it was about a blacksmith shop in Little Chute which was tore down in 1959. While looking at the pictures( fourth in particular ) I had a funny thought that I should look at any anvils in the pictures and I saw what looks quite a bit like my anvil.

What does everyone think? Coincidence? I figure with all the different manufacturers, styles, sizes, location, etc it would have to be a pretty big chance it could be a match.


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Note that that fellow's great grandfather was a *building*!


"Under a spreading chestnut tree the village smithy stands

The SMITH a mighty man is he..."


One of the first things we went over during my beginners class with Dan Nauman was the proper terms.


Smithy = Building

Smith = Person

Blacksmithing isn't a word.

Forging is a word.

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