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Help with champion 140


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While picking up some coal this weekend, I also happened upon a Champion blower. From what I can tell it is the 140 / Eureka model. The issue with it is that the output shaft on the fan has so much play that the fan scrapes and rattles on every rotation. My question is what kind of bearing does this shaft run on and where might I find a suitable replacement?

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Most Champion blowers use loose ball bearings with an adjustable inner cone and a square machined outer race. Think bicycle bearings with a square outer race. If the balls are rusted away, it is very likely the shaft is damaged and the inner cone and ourter race as well making the blower close to being not repariable. I have machined the shaft, which has a worm gear detail machined on it, and inner races but the cost adds up quickly! I am not aware of a sealed ball bearing that could be adapted without major machine work.

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No bearing to speak of. The shaft operates in a cast sleeve. You'd need to adjust the end play of the shaft and/or move the fan hub on the shaft to center said fan in the housing.


I think the midway may have a set of ball bearings, I have to look in the catalog. OTher than that...the only one they used the ball bearings operating on a adjustable cone is the 400.

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