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Is this decent refractory for coal?


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As Thomas said, clay has been used for years. The fire ball of side blast forge should be well above the bottom of the floor of the forge. The ash insulates the floor.  


The top of the tywere of the 55 Forge is an inch or so above the bottom or the floor of the forge. That space contains ash from the fire and insulates. At a demo I ran the forge at welding heat for 45 minutes or so and a fellow could not understand why or how I could support the forge on 4 plastic (two supports 2 buckets high) 5 gallon plastic buckets. I simply grabbed the forge by the sides and lifted forge, fire and all into the air so he could see there was no damage or melting of the plastic. 


The 55 Side Blast Forge is the same forge but with a side blast air feed. I have not tested the bottom of the forge for heat, but would imagine that with a couple inches of ash under the fire ball the results would be similar, a small amount of heat on the floor of the forge.


I would suggest a 2 inch or more layer of ash between the bottom of the side blast fireball and the floor of the forge. Or I would put 1-1/2 inches of clay as a floor and adjust the air pipe so the bottom of the fire ball does not go lower than the level of the clay.


YMMV, Test it out for your forge, your fire, and your location. Let us know what you find.

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