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oak leaf anvil

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Just got a new to me anvil. Its a 150 pound oak leaf anvil. I'm having a hard time finding information on this particular brand. Any info or leads would be great. I'd like to find out ad much as possible about this anvil. It has a serial number of 29752. Its also marked 1 5 6 I scaled it and it weights 152.2 pounds

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Well, I searched for quite some time (now I'm very curious) and found nothing about them other then they exist....They are however listed in the 'Anvils In America' book which I know some members on this site own. I'm sure one of them will find this thread and give you the low-down. On a side note, I did find out that my Mousehole anvil was made between 1790-1795! Wish I could be more help.

-Crazy Ivan

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Anvils In America lists the Oak Leaf in the miscellaneous section, "Oak leaf is one of the trademarks of W. Enders Hardware co." It was advertised by the Simmons hardware co in 1913, 1921-1922 & 1930. It was also sold by Shapleigh Hardware St Louis MO

There is no mention of who actually made the anvil, but you can get a good idea by looking at the features like handling holes and what the bottom of the anvil looks like. Hay Buds have an hourglass depression on the bottom.

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