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early 1900's forge and blower


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I am looking to start blacksmithing and just searching for equipment, this is what ive found so far near me, I need to know what I should offer for the forge and blower with a couple of tongs(two are Ferrier clips I wont need but could reshape into something else) thanks for your time.

the forge is the type you fill up with dirt to the air pipe and then start the charcoal level. its a little bigger than what I need right now  but it will store quite a bit of charcoal away from the hot spot.


the seller is asking 200.00 for the lot and the hand crank blower works well even if the bellow is cracked at the top.






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the blower is smooth and puts out some good air,  and it has a really sturdy set of legs for a base.

thanks for the input ill offer him 100.00 but I don't he will take it so ill keep looking .


N.W florida here around destin, panama city area so pickings are slim lol

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Greetings Flan,


200 not so much...  The 400 s can get real noisy because of the lower bearings.. A cracked housing means water was inside..  If I were you I would keep looking.  Get ahold of your local blacksmith group and see if you can get some help finding a blower..   Good luck



Forge on and make beautiful things


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