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My daughter and son-in-law had this old andiron or 'fire dog' on their front porch for many years. They'd found it in an old barn on their property. They only found the one........the other is lost I suppose.

My daughter got tired of folks using it for a boot scraper and gave it to me.

I find it an interesting piece and suspect it's very old.

As near as I can tell,it was made from a piece of 1 in. square stock.......doubled back on itself and forge welded.

The split section at the bottom which forms the legs shows 'half-holes'..........perhaps that part of the piece had been welded also at some previous time.

The weld at the top of the piece is very good, but the mortise and tenon are a little crude.

this piece was someting else before it was an andiron, but I'm not sure what it was.

I like examining old work like this......It gives a glimpse into how things were done many years ago.





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Rich...that's a good idea(making a mate for the one I have) I'll tr to do that! Thanks!

Welder19 ....I don't think it was ever a 'pretty' piece of work, but rather something a smith did in a hurry (because somebody needed a set of firedogs).

You can still find old stuff in old barns around here.....kind of like iron archaology!

And yes.......Im still looking for the other one!!


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