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William Foster, Broken Horn, 1834

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I added a unique anvil to my collection today! You may have seen this anvil on E-bay today. The fellow had a buy it now for $175 but since he was local I offered to come pick it up on a non ebay transaction. I got the beauty for $110. It has no horn, but is really nice otherwise. I am guessing that it weighs 80lbs, but the English weight shows 90#. The date of manufacture is 1834, and interestingly enough, there is a factory forged pritchell. Enjoy the pictures, and happy new year!



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Nice find! I have an 1816 William Foster missing the opposite end I picked up for 75.


Hope yours is as good as mine, it has as good a rebound as I've found, and is a pleasure to work on, not bad for 200 yrs old. Seems like a lot of anvils in this brand is broken on one end or the other. Makes for a great bargain.


Is that an anchor I see stamped on the side? Mine has one too. I was told it "may" mean that it was used in the Royal Navy.  Good forging to ya in the new year!

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