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Show me your New Year's blacksmithing resolutions 2013

Nobody Special

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Happy New Year,


I've got 2 legs, 2 arms, 2 eyes and ears and me. Everything else is extra!!


Get it hot when you can, turn the mind on and enjoy the journey. We all have the same destination.


Making a scrap pile is not important, making beautiful things out of someone elses junk pile is beautiful.

Keep up with the "BISH" (rubish). :) :)



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Clean the work shop out

set up all my new tooling & tools

and heat & air to shop finish up wiring in shop 

finish up a ton of blades that have backed up when I went down ;(

finish up web page design and get it launched .


that is just a few things on my to do list .


R. Yates

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