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I Forge Iron

Trivet from the gallery

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This was made and posted in the gallery by Beth



First off I really like the idea and design.


I can see this as being made from only 2 pieces of metal and in a quad or 4 leaf clover shape. Start with one stick of metal and curl both ends. Do it again and put them NS and EW to fit against each other , Flatten the cross point and weld on the back side, or rivet them together.  I feel it would have a lot more visual impact to the viewer as they could follow the metal with the eye.


If using only 3 spirals, you might try to attach the 3rd as shown and use the end of the stock to go under the the cross point of the two spirals,and form an outline of a stem.

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Nice piece, well done Beth. I see what you're saying Glenn and it would have appeal, especially if you left the coils more open, it'd be an eye catcher for sure.


Still, this triangular spiral pattern is common all over the planet from ages past. Being so common it probably has an appeal to us that is hard wired into our psyches.


Frosty The Lucky.

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I really like it also. Now I'm stuck trying to figure out how to do it without modern welds. I think it'd be a bit challenging to do forge welding for myself.


Ok all I can come up with is do the coils, match them up. Push the coils up out of the way like a pyramid then weld in place, push back into alignment. Sounds easier then it would be.


I like it when things stimulate my thoughts. It's good work Beth.



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glad you like it - the reason i made it like this was for a gift for somebody who has the symbol as a tattoo, so it had to be as you see it. and frosty your right about it being an ancient symbol, it can be found in many cultures/ eras /parts of the world, but i think it is most earliest in Ireland..  :)

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no elemental, im sure it could be done similarly to how rashelle said, but i its not how i did it - i mig welded it. im not a particularly confident fire welder, i am an artist before a blacksmith as some of you will know!  the reason you might think it looked forge welded is because it went back in the fire so i could get my hammer at the mig welds! like i said there are many variations on this symbol if anyone fancied making some - im sure a silver jewellery scale version would be good   :)

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