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12-26 to 12-31 A time to count your blessings


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Take the time between Christmas 12-26 and New Years 12-31 to remember those that have helped you make it through the year.  This is a personal time of reflection. It is a time to count your blessings,

and acknowledge those who have blessed you.



For those 6 days, open your mind and try to recall those people that have made even a small difference in your life. Whether it be giving you something they thought you should have or would enjoy, a piece of information for instance, or little things like a phone call, an email, a hand written letter, or a kind word, they all count.  



Writing them down as you remember them is worth the effort but not necessary. As each name or event is remembered, say thank you and send a kind thought their way.



In the upcoming year, take time to think of others. Do not expect anything in return as it should come from your heart. What you do will make a difference in their lives, yes, even the little things. How much, well just look at your list.


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A number of years ago I read an article on something like this.  It said to Id, two people(could be more) that helped you along down the road you have or are traveling.  Think about what these people did for you and send them a note thanking them. 


I did just that and it was reported back to me that these people were overjoyed to receive the note.  One has since passed and the other now 96 always mentions it when we meet. 


It doesn't have to be a one time thing as we receive help over and over through the years. 

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