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venturi ribbon burners.


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I want to make a ribbon burner using a venturi gas mixer from amal.

 These gas mixers are made for using with ribbon burners  (of the comercial catering type I presume) and I saw a great example of a glass glory hole made using one.....

 unfortunately the glory hole  owner  was not over keen on letting me have a good close look at the burner head so I am left with a few questions regarding making up a burner head..

 I would have bought a head off of the glass blower except for the fact it was scaled far too big for a smithing forge.

 The example I saw was a pepper pot arrangement and gave a very diffused hot QUIET flame!

 I have an assumption that I must match the surface area of the burner holes to the surface area of the incoming pipe , 

 the gas mixer mates up to 1" pipe and my thoughts are that I should probably be looking for a surface area of burner holes that is greater than that....

 any rules of thumb would be appreciated.

 All the best Owen

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Here is a post that covers one made by a member here. Post #19 has a pdf. that gives a good example of the sizing. I have a Joppa glass ceramic burner for glass work made in New Hampshire and can give you the dimensions of that as well if you'd like. Mine is a blown burner using a small squirrel cage blower.


'?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>


hope this helps,



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Owen, I made my first ribbon burner from info I got from John Emerging of Gearheart, he's a bit of a guru on them basically using a bit of lipped channel ,refractory and wax crayons. I can't seem to find the thread but it's in here(ifi) :P somewhere. I don't know if it's just been dumb luck but mine have always been successful I haven't made one for a while but the only change I would make is to add a few strips of masking tape to the ''lips'' to allow for thermal movement. 



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My ribbon burner is from Pine Ridge with one of Grant's large blower motors. After running for about 45 minutes it starts making a huge noise that sounds like a .22 going off in your ear.

The forge has been parked for over a year now.

Tried every option offered by others and could not locate the cause or prevent the noise.

Not much fun forging when half your concentration is waiting for the explosion with your shoulders hunched :)


Please don't hijack this thred with more suggestions for me to try.



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John Emmerling has the large write-up about the "Ribbon Burners". He is on here sometimes. Gearhart IronWerks in Gearhart, Oregon


John had a large article in the NWBA "Hot Iron News" a few years back.


Ribbon Burners can be Venturi or Blown.  They sure work good, spreads the Hot Spot. :) :)



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