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Monster Hunter (video game) knife


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This is a Christmas present to myself. It's based off my favorite weapon from my favorite video game.

Wrought iron recycled from wagon wheels and 15n20 outer layers, Cruforge core with 15n20 shims. Handle is leftover G10 and red spacers. I made the knife to test out the blade, since this was my first iron san-mai piece. 


First test was cutting leather and penetration. First stab went through three layers of 3/16" leather and then stuck in the frozen stump... in hind-site it was poor choice to work with wood that's been outdoors.


Then I chopped up some 3/4" red cedar that was left over from residing the house. I was too tentative to go full strength because I had too short a piece to hold comfortably, but still chopped nicely.


In the game it was sharp enough to cut off a Rathalos' wing, so I tried that out - popped that sucker right off.


Lastly I shaved some leg hair.


Here's the game knife, you can see I took some liberties.



I'm certain we've all gotten requests for knives or swords from video games, I'd love to hear about some of them from y'all, please share.


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Real nice job on the laminations. Good looking blade as well. 


Couple days ago I got brave and tried forging some wrought to 1075 for a saex style blade. Was going along decent until the wrought tried separating when I was forging the tip over and I noticed along the spine at top of the wrought it had started a small split. Fun stuff though. Will be happy when my forge welding turns out as well as yours did. 

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