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Two to Identify if possiable

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Hey yall new here Machinist by trade but my grandfather had these to Anvils and sure would help if u guys could identify. I looked high and low all over these guys and the green one only has 2 #s witch are NO 60 on it and you can see the stamp on the other with 108 on it anything would be appreciated thanks






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Hey M C thanks for looking i took cpl more pics and the one you say may be a a&h has great sound to it however the one you called a ASO ,I remeber when i was 8 he had it then and im 46 now, just makes a thud sound and does not have near the high pich the other has but can take a hammer well




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all about the ball bearing test.  Sound means nothing only rebound will tell you if it is an aso.  Don't worry an aso still will serve a good purpose in a shop as a bench anvil.. I have mild steel blocks and an aso that I use as much as I do my anvil.  Just different use than the anvil.  

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Thanks Judson I guess thats why it just makes a thud sound then. If you mean the other side of the green one ive wired brushed it with drill and nothing ......Should I do anything to the A&H to purdy it up or just leave as is.

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Howdy from EAST TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI!

The ASO would have a casting mark on the opposite side shown stating "Vulcan" it that is what it was, also the '60' would not be on the side but on the front leg (can't remember which leg, sorry).  The A&H is a fantastic anvil and a great size!  As mentioned above, get a hunk-o-iron hot and use it!  The ASO is ok for very light work but as it is cast iron be careful, it will break. Have fun!

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