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Is this Peter Wright Anvil worth $225?

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I found this Peter Wright Anvil.  It is marked 1 1 9 (149 lbs.)  It has some sway in the surface but the main problem is a chunk out of one side.  I did not test it with a hammer but will do so before purchasing it.  I'm going back that way tomorrow. 


This is my first anvil and the first piece of blacksmithing equipment/tools I'm purchasing. I don't really plan to get into this is a big way but might make a knife or two.  That said, I might put something on this anvil and beat the tar out of it at some point. 



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Hello dstrater, welcome to the forum. We ask everyone to update their general location in their profile. Everyone will bug you until you do.

It's value depends largely on your location and whether or not you live in an anvil rich or anvil poor area. The price seems decent but the condition raises a few eyebrows.

That is a fair chunk of the face plate that is missing, it could indicate a poor weld so testing it for ringing with a hammer is a must.

Beyond that, the anvil looks in fairly decent condition with good edges on the near side in the photo.

Check it with a hammer, see if there are any dull sounding areas that could indicate the face plate is delaminating. If it sounds good, offer a bit less cash on account of the chip and take it from there.

That area could be repaired if needs be.

All the best

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