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I Forge Iron

Greetings from Troy


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Hey y'all,
Name's Vascar. I did a bit of forging while participating in reenactments as a kid, which was many years ago. I've finally bought my own place with a decent barn, and am working on setting up a forge of my own (there will be a post related to that shortly).
After I forge a few sets of tongs (that aren't crap) I'll be focussing primarily on the forging of weaponry. Knives, axes, swords, war hammers, and the like. Once I've established a decent level of competence, I may expand into armor smithing, but that's still a long way off.
Just dropping in to say "sup!" ^.^


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You will certainly want to check out the Southern Ohio Forge Association (SOFA) which meets at the Miami Fairgrounds and come to the Quad State Round-up there the 4th weekend (get there Wednesday before for the best tailgate sales) in September. www.sofablacksmiths.org. 


Be sure and stop by my canopy for a visit.

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Awesome! If I can manage it, I'll be there this coming Wednesday (assuming they're still doing the meetup, it being New Years and all).
I'll be the younger bearded fella with a pony tail....as I've not met this group, I don't know how much that'll narrow things down lol.
What do I need to bring on the open forge nights?

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Projects I have aplenty, right now I'm gathering the bits to put together a forge. I've been snatching up every bit of solid metal scrap I could get my hands on for awhile now, so I've got enough iron for quite a few toys.
I've been making due with a leather trench coat as an apron, and it hasn't failed me yet. Fuel and tools provided? Is it newbie friendly?

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