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Frame with loon scene

Black Frog

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Back in June I made a frame with a duck landing in the marsh scene for Father's Day that was a big hit.

I wanted to make a matching frame with a loon on a lake scene.


I still need to tweak the water rings with a  torch, but this is the basic idea:



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Very nice.  How did you make the frame and add the texture?

I wish I could say how ingenious I was in making such a cool looking textured frame....

But in reality Mother Nature did most of the work for me.


The frame was made from the same material as the other two frames in the projects below.  I had an old wrought iron wagon wheel that I cut out sections of, heated in the forge, flattened/straightened it, then ripped it down on the bandsaw to make the width of the frame.  I liked how the original outer radiused edge of the wagon wheel made a very nice frame material.


The section of the wheel used for this loon frame was the very most rusted section of the wrought iron wheel, probably had been buried in the dirt for the last who-knows-how-many decades.  It didn't look pretty when I started.  A few times in/out of the forge for straightening knocked most of the rust away, and then a heavy wire brushing left the texture behind that you see.  Looks very much like bark, just what I was after, and I didn't have to do much of anything to get it other than let Mother Nature take 100 years to do the job.... ;)



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It was a Christmas present for my Mom, to compliment the duck frame that I had already made for my Dad earlier this year.

She really enjoys the loons on their northern Wisconsin lake each year, so this was quite a neat gift for her which she really liked.

Rather than trying to buy a Christmas gift with hundreds of dollars, this was some scrap wrought iron wagon wheel, some steel pieces, and time.  The bark-like nature of this frame fits well with the whole northern woods loon theme.


I know this was appreciated a lot more than some expensive techno-doo-hicky.  ;)

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